visual 3Your trusted partner:
Direct giving. 100% of what we receive goes directly to the school and the children. The cost of implementing our toolkit and services are 100% covered by Saichildren’s management team.

Where does your contribution go?

1 – Education

Saigeetha is the school superviser, she now supervises eleven permanent and highly competent teachers; a task which she has joyfully taken upon her.

2 – School Supplies

Each child receives school supplies for the year and two uniforms. The IT room contains a few computers and the library has more and more books every year.  There are still many projects underway.

3 – Nutrition at School

Thanks to the generous donations and sponsorships the kitchen was created in 2009 where the children now receive healthy and balanced meals.

4 – Medical Examinations

The children have two medical examinations a year. By following the development of each child any type of malnutrition or abnormality can be corrected in time.

5 – Before, at and after school activities

The realization of dance , music , theater, design and other creative activities and projects are being attained.’