visual4You need to better monitor and understand your social impact.

Monitor your impact:
We work we the school headmaster to ensure social objectives are achieved. Our goal is to guarantee that the school has all the resources it needs and that it uses it effectively. Saichildren provides ongoing monitoring using cutting a quantifiable social impact methodology, a yearly field evaluation, and tools designed to track and measure impact.

  • Expertise: our team helps track and enhance impact.
  • No overhead: 100% of our donations go directly to our sponsored school.
  • Innovation: We use new technology for monitoring social progress.

You want to stay engaged with the organization you support.

Experience your impact:
The journey towards impact: We believe experience is a core component of philanthropy. To connect donors with their impact, Saichildren had developed innovative travel, technology, and video experience. Advanced social media usage enable our donors and the school to communicate their impact. Our travel opportunities support direct engagement with the school and the local community involved in making a difference. Saichildren’s team of volunteers specializing on journalists, social media experts will create engaging videos on the key issues that the school and the children are addressing.

  • Access: Track and share your impact via mobile, web, and video.
  • Engage: Cultivate relationships with the school management.
  • Network: Join a network of like-minded philanthropists and social innovators.